The best treatment for your  dog if it suffers  from Arthritis and Rheumatism

By Dennis Fisher.

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As your dog gets older it is highly likely that it will suffer from painful swelling of the joints that is a feature of arthritis and rheumatism – very much the same as a human.   In fact it can also happen, in certain cases, to a younger dog.

The signs of arthritis and rheumatism are very evident.  The dog will yelp when it gets up and will also show discomfort when it climbs stairs.

Of course it will be necessary for you to take your dog to a Veterinary for treatment, but there are a number of ways you can make your dog’s ife comfortable.

1.   It is important for you to see that your dog is not overweight. Obviously this places an extra burden on the joints.  Obesity is becoming a huge problem with dogs, due to the misguided belief by owners that they are doing their best for their dogs. But they are literally killing them with kindness.


2.   Exercise is important for the dog, but if the dog is obviously showing signs of distress when it walks or runs, it is important to restrict the exercise. While throwing a Frisbee is excellent exercise for a virile, young dog, it is certainly not advisable for an older dog as it places a great deal of stress on the joints.  Swimming is an excellent exercise and if you have an opportunity to allow your dog to swim it is an ideal form of exercise.


3.   It is very important for the dog suffering from even mild arthritis to sleep in a area that is warm and free from drafts.  It is also important for its bed to firm and comfortable.


4.   If your dog is one of the large breeds it is a good idea to allow the dog to eat from a bowel that is raised a comfortable distance from the ground.  You can raise  the height off the ground by placing the food on a small table.


5.   There are a number remedies available from pharmacies that might be of considerable help to your dog, like buffered aspirin, which will relieve pain.  Also medication like Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which is a very popular for  humans suffering from joint problems, can be very effective also  for dogs.


6.   Your Vet will probably prescribe Rimadyl, an excellent product especially made for dogs with arthritis problems. It is only available on prescription from a Veterinarian. I can assure you from personal experience I had a few years ago when an old Great Dane experienced pain when getting up, that it does help enormously.


The above treatment suggestions will definitely make life easier for your beloved pet, but it is important to get qualified professional advice from your Veterinarian


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