Questions and answers about German Shepherds

by Dennis Fisher

Note:  Some time ago I published a dog magazine and I invited readers to submit questions of a general nature. These are some of the questions and the answers. Some of the questions were from Novices.  However, you may find a question and an answer that is similar to the problem you may have. 

Question about dog's coat.

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Question.  I am anxious to improve my dog's coat which is dull and lifeless. Do you think that I can improve my dog's coat by giving him olive oil?

Answer:  Although many show people are convinced that a daily dogs of  a teaspoon of Olive Oil works wonders for the coat,  you must not expect miracles from Olive Oil alone.  Far more important are such factors as adequate exercise and sufficient protein in the diet. A good idea is to add a small quantity of suet to the dogs food.   Instead of olive oil you can use sunflower oil or flax seed oil.

It is also important  to groom your dog everyday.  It also  goes without saying that you cannot expect your dog to have a good coat if he is troubled with internal parasite.  Make certain he has no worms.  If necessary take a sample of his stool to a Vet. to determine  whether he has worms, and if so the Vet will recommend the appropriate medication..

The dog's coat is a reliable indication of the dog's general state of health.  But it must be remembered that certain breeds shed their coats more than others and while the dog is throwing his coat it is unlikely that it will appear in the best condition.