by Dennis Fisher


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This powerfully built, very heavily coated dog  is named after the Eskimo tribe  - the Malamute  living along the West coast of Alaska  who were the original breeders of this dog.


Although the Malamute was originally bred to withstand very cold climates, it can adapt to warmer climates.


It is somewhat surprising that although Malamutes are large, strong, self-confident animals they are not considered suitable for guard work as they are not naturally suspicious animals. 


This large breed of dog ,classified as a Working Dog by the American Kennel Club,   is wolf-grey or black and white in color.   It can weigh as much as 90 pounds and is very powerfully built. A distinctive feature of the Malamute is its heavy tail, which is curled over its back.


Because of its background as an active working dog, it is a breed of dog that does require a great deal of outdoor exercise.   It also requires a fair amount of grooming because of its thick, coat.


If one has the time available to exercise the dog and also to attend to the necessary grooming, it can prove to be a very good, affectionate family dog.