By Dennis Fisher.


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This unusual looking dog achieved a great deal of fame through a very popular  comic strip that features the   adventures of  a Basset Hound called “Fred”.


It has a very long body, front legs that are  markedly crooked and an unusually sad expression on its face.


It is a relatively small breed, only  10 to 15 inches in height, but the weight is rather heavy for this size and can be as much as 45 pounds.


The Basset  incorporates the features of a number of different animals; the black and tan  coloring of  a foxhound; the  long ears and head that in many respects resemblances  that of a bloodhound and the crooked  front legs of a Daschund.


This is not surprising because the breed originated in France and resulted from the breeding of French bloodhounds with small, short-legged hounds.