Different breeds of dogs.




by Dennis Fisher.

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This large, powerfully built dog, is a breed not commonly seen either at shows, or in homes, which is surprising because it  one of the oldest breeds. It origins date back thousands of years.


Although the name, “Bernese Mountain Dog” suggests the breed originated in Bern Switzerland, this is not so. The dogs were originally introduced into Switzerland by the  Romans who invaded Europe more than 2000years.


The practical Swiss recognizing the versatility of this large, handsome animal, soon took advantage of its many fine qualities.    Amongst the many other uses found for this dog, the basket weavers in Bern used the dog to transport small wagons.


A full grown Bernese Mountain Dog stands about  26 inches at the shoulder  and weighs as much as 75 pounds.  It is a very handsome animal, black with attractive brown markings and white on the chest and feet.   The strong powerful head also is also an active combination of black, brown and white markings.


The dog is an excellent housedog, good with children, and because of its imposing size, can serve as a useful guard dog.