Different breeds of dog.



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The Border collie is a delightful, medium size breed of remarkable intelligence.


They are relatively easy to train because of their exceptional intelligence.   However, it is important to remember that these lively animals have been bred to work.   They are  certainly not docile animals and nothing  gives  them greater pleasure than working, or chasing a  ball or  Frisbee.


 it is obviously not a dog suitable  for an apartment, but if you have a medium sized yard or access to a beach, and are prepared to exercise and spend a time training your dog you will have a marvelous, devoted companion.


A further advantage of the Border Collie is that it is, for the most part, a very hardy animal; does not require a great deal of Veterinary attention.


 Standing about 22 in height and weighing about 40-45 pounds it is a very sturdy and, for the most part, very healthy animal.  It has a life expectancy of from 12-15 years. Our own Border Collie died recently at almost 16 and until a few months before he died, he was quite active.


Despite the fact that it is only medium-sized dog, the Border Collie, when properly trained  can also prove to be an exceptionally good and very brave  guard dog.


But there are some disadvantages in owning a dog of this breed that should be mentioned.


Because of its rather dense coat, the Border Collie does require a certain amount of grooming.   Also, if the dog is not well trained, preferably by regular  attendance at Obedience Classes, the animal has a tendency to be hyper-active.


It has  also been my experience that the Border Collie, because of its high intelligence, needs an owner that it can respect.


This is not to suggest that you have to be unduly hard in your training, but the Border Collie must learn to respect you.   Your training must be consistent and fair.


This medium size, remarkably intelligent breed of dog has become immensely popular in recent years, which is not surprising because it has so much to offer.


But the fact that the breed has proved so popular in many instances has been to the breed’s disadvantage. Many people have purchased Border Collies, because they have heard so much about the breed’s intelligence and willingness to be trained.


They mistakenly believed that the cuddly pup they purchased would be quite content to be regularly fed, occasionally exercised and lie lazily around the entire day, waiting patiently for them to return from work.


They were then disappointed to find how destructive this lively, energetic animal turned out to be, out of sheer boredom.


It is not surprising that Border Collies excel in obedience competitions and agility work.  It is an animal that was bred to work and it thrives on work.  For those who are interested in competitive work there are very few breeds that can compare with the Border Collie regarding to receptiveness to commands and eagerness to please.  


But for those who do not have the time or the inclination to become involved in this type of sport, it is not the ideal breed. If the animal gets bored, it can become very destructive. It can also be quite aggressive with other dogs, if it is not socialized when young and well trained.


Although most Border Collies are very confident animals, there are some who are shy and unsure of themselves if they are socialized and subjected to early training when young.


With regard to training, it must also be remembered that when the male Border Collie is at an adolescent stage, there are often occasions when the young dog will challenge the owner’s authority.   Training should always be firm – not harsh – but very definite.   Commands must always be obeyed.


Although the well-trained Border Collie can be a delightful, loving pet for active children, it is not always completely reliable with strange children and there is a tendency to snap.


Border Collie enthusiasts  are convinced that for all-round intelligence and companionship,  no breed can compare with a Border Collie.  They certainly have good reason to believe this.  The Border Collie certainly has unique qualities.


 Even though the breed has been registered as a distinct breed by the governing Kennel Club bodies in most part of the world, and there is an accepted standard laid down with regard to structure and conformation, most Border Collie owners are not as interested as other breed owners in showing their Border Collies.  Their main interest in demonstrating the working ability and mental attributes  of their favorite breed rather than it’s physical beauty.


Nevertheless, a well-bred Border Collie is a very handsome animal with  heavy black coat and  very attractive white markings on the face, chest and feet.