Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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If ever the term “elegant” could be applied to a dog, that term would certainly be most appropriate with regard to the Borzoi.


Commonly known as the Russian wolfhound, this very tall, slender dog is remarkably graceful in movement.   Standing about  30 inches at the shoulder and weighing from 80 – 100 pounds this beautiful animal is very much like a gazelle in movement.


 Not only is the animal remarkably swift, it also  very agile and has the ability to turn very easily.  Not surprisingly the Russian word for swift is “Borzoi”.


Borzois  have a very long history.  They were  bred originally in Russia with the object of protecting people against wolves.   Afterwards, it was found they were also excellent hunting dogs and were frequently used to hunt wolves.


In addition to its great speed that  comes from is broad, powerful hindquarters, the Borzoi, although slender, also possesses surprising  muscular strength.


A typical well-bred Borzoi has a long, lean head, almond-shaped eyes, and an alert intelligent expression.


The coat of the Borzoi is long and silky and there is a  profuse  attractive curly frill around the next. The  coloring of the Borzoi  is predominantly white with brown, black or gray markings.


Gentle and reserved in temperament, the Borzoi  cannot really be regarded  as an ideal family dog that enjoys the boisterous games of children.   Nevertheless it is an animal that can be very affectionate although it sometimes tends to be somewhat aloof.


Because of it’s aristocratic bearing the Borzoi is very popular with fashion photographers.  A common sight often seen  in high-class magazines is a beautiful Borzoi in the company of an equally attractive, exquisitely dressed lady.