Different breeds of dogs.


by Dennis Fisher.

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This small, highly intelligent, very affectionate dog is an ideal companion for people living in  apartments as it is not an animal that requires much exercise.  However, it does enjoy a quiet walk on the lead.


Because of its small size, and weight of approximately only 20 Ė 25   pounds it can adapt very easily to any surroundings.  Itís smooth  short coat also requires very little grooming.


Either brindle or black in color it is a very attractively marked  dog with a white muzzle and white markings on itís chest.


A feature of this dog is itís distinctive head which is somewhat similar to  a miniature Bulldog in appearance.   The muzzle is short and square, but unlike the Bulldog  there is absence of wrinkle.


The eyes, set wide apart, have a gentle, but alert  expression.


An attractive feature of this delightful little dog are itís erect ears, which are small and thin, and tend to be set wide apart on the skull.


The Boston Terrier is an animal that was bred in America and has an interesting background.   It is difficult to believe that these good-natured animals are descendants of  small fighting dogs. 


The Boston Terrier developed from the crossing  of an English bulldog with a terrier.   As a result of continuing breeding the resultant male from the  litter to smaller and smaller French Bulldog females.


The breed was recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel club in  1893.