Different breeds of dogs.


 by Dennis Fisher


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This is a breed suitable for a wide variety of homes ranging from fairly small houses units with only limited outside space grounds, to large dwellings with spacious grounds.


The versatility of the breed is further enhanced by the fact that it comes in two sizes, the standard size Bull Terrier and the miniature.


 The standard size is approximately 18-20 inches as the shoulder although there is no precise stipulation in the accepted breed standard with regard to height.


The miniature Bull Terrier is quite a lot smaller and according to the standard should be no more than 14 inches at the shoulder.


The Bull Terrier is a family dog, well suited for every home, but because it is an active dog, full of life and vitality a reasonable amount of garden space is necessary .   It does need a fair amount of exercise.


With regard to temperament, the Bull Terrier is even-tempered, friendly and tolerant of children.  The problem can arise however, with regard to other dogs because the Bull Terrier can be a fighter.


The breed was originally breed developed for   bull baiting and also dog fighting.   It has retained the qualities for which it was originally bred.   As a combination of Bulldog and Terrier it combines the qualities of both breeds, the tenacity and determination of the Bulldog and the liveliness of the Terrier.


The Bull Terrier is powerfully built muscular dog with a large head and very strong jaws.   Although it is considered by some to be a somewhat ugly dog because of its small, slanting eyes and pink nose, it is certainly a matter of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.


The Bull Terrier enthusiasts do not see their favorite breed as being ugly in any way.   They admire the muscular strength, strong bone, vitality, self- confidence and happy, outgoing disposition.


In color the Bull Terrier can either be white or a variety of other colors such as brindle, fawn and a combination of black and brindle.


The miniature Bull Terrier is the same in every respect as the Standard size except with regard to height.