Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.

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The Bulldog symbolizes British courage and determination. Quite obviously it is a breed of British origin.   Originally bred to bait bulls, the present Bulldog is an animal quite different to the  animal original bred. 


Even the most ardent admirer of this breed will agree that the Bulldog is not a handsome dog, but there is a certain fascination about itís attractive ugliness.


The Bulldog is a very affectionate family dog and excellent with children of all sizes.  Because of itís rather fearsome appearance it can be a very good guardian of the home.


Although not a very tall dog, it is a very heavily built animal, weighs as much as 55 pounds and  is well muscled.


The coat is short and smooth and it is easy to groom  with a good hard brush.   But because of the wrinkles in the head it is important to see that the eyes do not water and are kept dry and the nose is also not allowed to run.


The Bulldog, understandably because of its bulk, is a rather lazy dog and does not require a great deal of exercise but it will definitely benefit from an occasional long walk on a leash.


The distinctive feature of the Bulldog is, of course, the head and the very pugnacious expression, which belies it docile nature.  The head is very large, with round cheeks and a great deal of loose skin around the  face.   The jaws are very large and strong with the lower jaw, typically, extending beyond the upper jaw.  The eyes, set wide apart, are dark and round.


In color white is usually the predominant color, often with mixtures of brown, brindle and fawn.  The mask is black.


The gait of the Bulldog is distinctive with a peculiar shuffling movement and short steps.


Those who have owned Bulldogs have been completely won over by the charming   character of the breed and what they consider to be its delightful, attractive ugliness. To them these features are far more important than the agility, high intelligence, willingness to learn and  the physical beauty that other breeds are able to offer.


While not really obstinate, the Bulldog has a mind of its own and does  not regard  instant obedience to commands the greatest priority in its life.


But as loyal, devoted, affectionate family dog, not  very demanding or needing  of lot of exercise, the Bulldog  is an excellent choice for a family dog.