Different breeds of dogs.




by Dennis Fisher.




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This is another breed we  have  owned.  Our children  found our little dog  be a delightful, lively, intelligent companion.


Males are only about fourteen pounds in weight and females a little smaller.  The color is an attractive shade of red – (that is the color our little “Red Pepper” happened to be) – or  sandy, grey brindle or sometimes black.


A feature of this breed is the coat which is double-coated.  There is a heavy outer coat and softer, shorter undercoat, which protected the dog from the elements.  Regular grooming is important to keep this somewhat thick coat free of dead hairs.


 As small as this little terrier is, it was once used  to hunt  foxes in the rocky areas in Scotland.  The very name “Cairn” is an indication of its origins.


The dog has a  perky, bright-eyed almost quizzical expression and makes a delightful housedog and children’s pet.   It is a good natured animal that will prove a delightful children’s companion.


Although it is not generally believed  to be a characteristic of the breed, I must confess that  our little fellow had a tendency to roam. He was sometimes away for hours before returning a little shamefaced.  This was probably due to the inborn, inherited inclination to hunt vermin.   As none were available on our premises the dog felt he had no option but to go find some.