by Dennis Fisher



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This dog originally comes from China.  It has become quite popular throughout the world, mainly because, as a pup, it resembles a  cute, cuddly teddy bear.  


It is of medium size, approximately 18 inches at the shoulder, and because of itís dense coat gives the impression of being very much heavier that it actually is .  Because of the very heavy coat this breed does require a certain  amount of  regular grooming.


There are a wide variety of colors, ranging from black, red, fawn, bluish-grey and white.  


Though friendly with members of the family,  it can be inclined to be aloof with strangers.  Although most individual dogs are very good with children there have been occasions when the Chow has been known to be intolerant of boisterous childrenís behavior,


The Chow, in similar fashion to the Pekingese, was bred to resemble a lion in appearance.  The profuse hair around is similar to a mane  and the anaimal does carry itself with a stiff-legged dignity.


The small ears are set wide apart; the  eyes are dark expressive  and almond shape.


An unusual feature of the Chow is the fact that itís tongue and mouth are a bluish- black, giving the impression that the animal has been drinking  ink.


The Chow is a fairly quiet animal that does not require a great deal of exercise. It  will fit in easily even in a fairly small home.  It is an intelligent dog that responds well to basic training and can be trained to be a good watchdog.