by Dennis Fisher

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If there is obvious straining with no result and the dog is in distress, then it may be necessary to take the dog to Veterinarian for appropriate medical attention.  The cause is frequently due to eating bones, especially splinters of bones.  It is a well-known that chicken bones are unsuitable for dogs, but very often dog owners persist in feeing chicken bones to their dogs.

Even with larger bones, fragments of bone can lodge in the dog’s colon and produce severe constipation. In most instances   this conditions cannot be treated at home and will require Veterinary attention.   A  dog  may  have to be anesthetized by the Veterinarian to remove the blockage.

There are other objects besides bones that cause the same problem.  Dogs are often scavengers and   if the dirt box is accessible and full of enticing food in plastic bags, the dog may have access to this and  eating this can cause a  blockage in the bowel.

Dogs often have occasional bouts of constipation and if there no excessive straining for long periods there is no reason for concern.  An excellent old home remedy is  a teaspoon of liquid paraffin.

It there is chronic constipation you might consider a change of diet ; alternately one might consider soaking the dry food in warm water before giving it to your dog.