Dog problems.


Dog bites.

by Dennis Fisher.


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 It sometimes happens that two of your own animals that normally get on well together can  fight.  As a result there may be nasty teeth wounds.    The area around the bite should be shaved  and an antiseptic solution can be inserted in the wound.


 A very useful way of doing so is with a medicine plunger.  In fact plastic plungers, which are very inexpensive and  usually used for administering medicines, and should always be available.


Insert the plunger filled with the antiseptic directly into the wound.   Quite often, if the wound is not a serious one, the wound may heal without necessitating a visit to the Vet.


Instead of an antiseptic, it is sometimes possible to use an  antiseptic ointment which will also be effective.


Where the wound is not a serious one I have also found an aerosol medication that contains balsam of peru, castor oil, and  trypsin  very helpful.  The extension  tube that is attached to the aerosol can be squired  directly into the wound.   However, if the wound is not considerably better the next day, a visit to the Vet is advisable.