Dog sicknesses.


by Dennis Fisher.

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Generally speaking, ear infections are not conditions that should be taken lightly.  They can lead, fairly quickly, to quite serious conditions.  Ear infections are usually caused by microorganisms that are to be found in the warm, moist areas of the dog’s ear.

There are several forms of microorganism, the most common being bacteria and yeast.   On occasions the ear infection may be due to both bacteria and  yeast.

Very often, apart from the dog showing signs of  discomfort  by constantly scratching the ear, there is a noticeable discharge from the ear. On occasions the discharge has a very unpleasant odor.

The condition is more common with long ears, and particularly hairy ears, although it is not uncommon with dogs with erect  ears like the German Shepherd.

The dogs ears should be regularly examined and cleaned.  There are special solutions available that make the cleaning of the ear so much easier.  Usually the cleaning can be done with cotton wool and one’s finger.  The cleaning process does not hurt the animal and some dogs  find it a pleasant sensation.

If flushing of the ear is necessary,  you find probably find it more convenient to have this done at the Veterinarians surgery.

There are very effective antibiotics that can used to cure the condition, but because the Veterinarian will usually like to determine which organism it is that is causing the trouble, the wisest course of action  is probably to visit the Veterinarian straight away before attempting home treatment.