Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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The dog is usually simply called a Cocker Spaniel rather than specifically an “English Cocker Spaniel”, but as the breed is somewhat different to its American cousin, it is convenient to list it as an English Cocker Spaniel.


This small dog, lonely 16 inches high and weighing about 32 lbs, was bred to be  a dog small enough to move easily over all types of ground in search of game and, if necessary, to climb into areas that would not be accessible to a bigger dog .


It has a very good nose, very anxious to please and derives a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from searching for game, which it regards as an enjoyable game.


It is a very popular dog, not only because of its very attractive appearance, convenient small size, but also because  it’s friendly and affectionate nature.


Not only is it an excellent sporting dog, it also fits in very well with family life, even when sport is not involved and it is very good with children.


The coat is fairly heavy and silky.  There are a wide range of colors, ranging from  black, black and tan, golden, orange and white and combinations of these colors. 


Because of the coat, the breed does require a fair  amount of grooming.  But with regular brushing it will not  be difficult to maintain the shiny, bright  appearance that enhances the beauty of the little animal.


The head is in proportion to the small body and there is a well-defined stop. The muzzle is square; the eyes dark and expressive and the ears, though fairly long, are not so long that they hand below the nose.


Because it was bred for endurance, the body is compact and strong with a well-developed chest.  Hindquarters are strong and muscular.


This lively, happy little dog makes and excellent family dog.  Although it does need a fair amount of exercise, this should not be problem if the dog has access to a fair-sized garden or a nearby park where it can enjoy an energetic romp with children.