Different breeds of dogs.




by Dennis Fisher



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This very beautiful breed of dog was bred for working as a gun dog.  The English Setter differs from other strains of Setter in that it is  white with black markings, or occasionally liver markings.


The coat is long and silky and for this reason a fair amount of grooming is necessary.


It is a large dog, about 25-27 in inches at the shoulder  and weighing about 60 pounds. It has a very handsome head with deep, square muzzle and fairly large, hanging ears. The eyes are dark, bright and intelligent.  The Setter has a sweet, gentle nature and is very affectionate.


Although the Setter is an animal that needs large, spacious grounds and would more suitable for a country rather than a town home, it can fit in a home where a fair amount of  space is available in which  to run.   


 As would be expected with an animal that has been bred to work, while still growing up the young setter can be quite excitable and over-exuberant.   But it does calm down with maturity  and will fit in well with the family.