Different breeds of dogs.




Dennis Fisher.


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 This is a strain of Spaniel that is quite a bit larger than other spaniels.  It stands about 20 inches at the shoulder and can weight as much as 50 lbs.


In color it is either black and white or liver and white and the coat is rather long, fairly heavy and weather-resistant.


Grooming is fairly easy.  An occasional brushing and combing should be sufficient to maintain the coat in good condition.


Because of its sporting background, the Springer Spaniel is a very active animal and does require a fair amount of exercise.  The dog was originally bred to retrieve game and any form of playful exercise that makes use of its natural, inherited instincts will be of great benefit both mentally and physically.


It is an intelligent, lively animal that will fit in very well with the family and will be an excellent family dog good with children.


The body is strong with good depth of chest and muscular hindquarters. The head  is a good size in proportion to the body and the  ears fairly long with good covering of hair.


Although this is basically a sporting dog it will fit in well with any family able to provide the dog with the exercise it needs.  It will make a delightful family pet.