Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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The poodle is reputed to be the most intelligent of all breeds - with good reason.  It is a remarkably intelligent animal, very responsive and very easy to train.


From personal experience, I have also found it to be a very brave, confident  animal.   In fact the miniature French poodles we  owned   were not in the least intimidated by  my adult German Shepherd Dogs.


Fortunately my well-trained Shepherds regarded their small companion, that  guarded itís food dish so fiercely , as something of a joke.  They were never goaded to respond to the protective growling that occurred whenever they happened to come too close to ďToffeeísĒ feeding dish.


It is a very playful lovable animal that very often attaches itself to one  member of the family.  Because it is suspicious of strangers it can also be a very good guard. Although it is sometimes a noisy dog, this alertness can be very useful when there is also a larger,  guard  dog in the home. The Poodle is alert to every strange sound.


A great advantage of the Poodle is the fact that it is the only breed that does not shed itís coat.  This can be of inestimable value if  there happens to be a  member of the family who is allergic to dogís hair. But because the dog does not shed its coat, the dog should be regularly brushed to avoid matting of the coat.


Because of itís exceptional intelligence the Poodle can be remarkably easy to train.   But an amusing feature of this delightful breed is itís capricious nature.


 The Poodle is a natural comedian.   I have known Poodles, that have previously worked  consistently well in Obedience tests, to suddenly make up their minds that on that particular day, they just didnít feel like working.  At a vital stage in the Competition, they  decided to abandon the test and  ran out of the ring.