Different breeds of dogs.


by Dennis Fisher


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The Golden Retriever is a fairly large, friendly animal, standing about 24 inches at the shoulder and weighing approximately    80 lbs.


The color can vary from a deep gold which is by far the more attractive color to a lighter shade of fawn, almost cream. Although the  deep gold is the more attractive color  the lighter, cream , which  gives the appearance of a faded fawn appears to be more common. 


This is a highly intelligent, very lively, active breed. It has a delightful temperament, friendly and affectionate and is very fond of children.


The Golden Retriever is very quick to learn and responds very well indeed to training.   I remember  that in one of my training classes, there was only one Golden Retriever among a  number of other breeds.  I was surprised to see much quicker this dog was in learning  new commands than  the other breeds.


Retrieving, of course, came naturally to him, but the Golden Retriever carried out the exercise so happily, and with so much precision, it was a joy to watch and quite embarrassing for owners of many of the other breeds.


It must be mentioned however, that the Golden Retriever is not a natural guard dog.  It is a breed that  appears to have no inherited protective, guard instinct.   It is possible  this can be instilled with correct training but it is not a natural  trait of the breed.


The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland and became very popular because of its many fine attributes and attractive appearance.


It is a powerful dog with broad skull and powerful muzzle. The movement is well balanced and it moves with energy, grace and harmony.


Another useful feature of the breed is the fact that it lives to a good old age, and will be  a loving, gentle and affectionate companion for many years.goldenretriever Everything You Need To Know


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