Different breeds of dogs.

by Dennis Fisher.


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For those who are keen to have an animal that is somewhat different to breeds owned by neighbors, the little Griffon is a very good choice.


This little dog, weighing no more than 10 lbs., is smart and intelligent and makes a delightful pet.   There are two varieties, rough and smooth.  The  smooth coated Griffon is  short, tight but still fairly coarse; the rough haired variety has a coat that is somewhat longer, but not curly.  Both coats do require a fair amount of grooming.


This  friendly little dog is happy to fit in with  any type of surroundings and even a small garden is sufficient space for it to exercise.


It is intelligent, can easily be trained and gets on well with children of all ages.


The head of the Griffon is fairly large in relation to the body. Many specimens have undershot jaws, but this is not as pronounced as,  for example,  the jaw of the Bulldog.


The eyes are very expressive, being dark and round.


The chest is quite wide and deep for a small animal and the tail, if  not  docked which is customary, is carried,  high over the  short, strong, level back.


In color is itís an attractive reddish brown or black and tan.


Altogether it is a frisky, playful little fellow that will give the family a great deal of fun.