Different breeds of dogs.




by Dennis Fisher


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This handsome dog, of the gundog variety, has probably the most beautiful coat of all the breeds.  It is a striking, rich, deep chestnut red.  Striking is an apt description for the color because it is bound to attract attention from everyone who sees the dog.


When you own an Irish Setter and take him for a walk, there will be  admiring glances from all dog  lovers  who see the dog.


The coat is silky and  flat rather than curly and there is fair amount of feathering on the legs and tail.


The coat is easy to groom. task.   Regular grooming will bring out the rich shades of this attractive, deep chestnut color.


It is a large breed of dog, approximately 25 inches at the shoulder.


 As a young dog it is very exuberant and  excitable.  It will jump on beds, attract attention to itself and at times appear to be somewhat unmanageable. But as it matures it will settle down.


Because it behaves in this way people who have acquired an Irish Setter for the first time are inclined to be surprised and even disappointed at this behavior.  But it is an intelligent animal and can easily be trained.


Being a dog that was bred  to be active it does require a  fair amount of exercise.  For this reason a large garden or access to grounds where it can run freely is necessary.


It is a good natured, friendly dog and particularly fond of children.  As such it can make a very suitable house and family dog but it is unlikely to prove a protective and effective  guard.