Different breeds of dogs.


by Dennis Fisher.


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This lively breed of dog exhibits all the features of a typical terrier.  It is lively, high-spirited, alert and full of fun.


It is  a  sturdy, medium-sized dog of approximately 18 inches in height and weighing about 25 lbs.


The color can  vary from a light shade of brown to a bright  shade of red and the coat is hard and wiry.   This type of coat does requires a certain amount of grooming and even occasional stripping to keep it manageable.


It is a bold, fearless animal and in spite of its size ready to tackle anything.  But it is a very good family dog and very good with children, happy to join in with their lively games.


As with all dogs of a boisterous temperament nature, a certain amount of firm handling is necessary.  It would be advisable to attend obedience classes while the dog is growing up so that it can become accustomed to socializing.  This will prevent the tendency to fighting that might develop if left unchecked.