Different breeds of dogs.


by Dennis Fisher.


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Known as the Dutch Barge Dog, this breed was used as a watchdog on barges in Holland.


It is relatively small breed of dog, being only about 18 inches in height.  The coat is very heavy and somewhat soft.  Because of this regular grooming is necessary.


 As with all dogs that require regular grooming, this does not necessarily have to be a process that is very demanding for both the owner and the dog.  From an early age the dog can be encouraged to accept the grooming process as an indication  of the owner’s loving attention.


The color of the Keeshond is mostly an attractive shade of gray but occasionally it tends to be lighter in certain parts. The mask, nose and lips are a deep shade of black, making an attractive contrast to the gray


The head is strong and the ears small, erect and pointed; the eyes dark, almond shaped and very expressive, giving it a very alert, quizzical expression.


The Keehound – or Keeshond – as it more commonly called, it an excellent family dog, loyal, affectionate, very good with children and, because of its genetic background as an alert guard  on barges, a very good  watchdog.


Because of its small size and it’s agility in can fit in anywhere, even a relatively small home.  It is not a fighter and in spite of its reputation as a watchdog, is friendly to others besides the family with enough intelligence to distinguish between friend and foe.


The only disadvantage is the long coat which does require a good deal of attention.  But if one is  prepared to attend to this regularly the Keeshond will prove to be an excellent choice.