Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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This breed originated in Ireland in the south-west region of Kerry, hence the name.


It was bred as a sporting dog to hunt badgers and foxes and a useful guard of livestock.


The color is a very attractive, unusual shade of bluish gray and the coat is soft and silky. Prospective owners must not be disappointed to find that during  early puppy stages the animal is predominantly black. The attractive color only emerges when the dog matures.


The coat does require a certain amount  of grooming in order to prevent matting.


The Kerry Blue Terrier has a delightful, friendly temperament, good with children, and an excellent, alert guard.  Even though it is a relatively small dog it is particularly agile.


  A feature of the breed is that it often forms a special attachment with one particular member of the family.


It is a bold, fearless approachable animal and is not  generally aggressive with other dogs.


It is a sturdily built animal, approximately 18 inches in height with a strong, muscular body, straight back and powerful hindquarters.   The tail is usually docked.


The head, similar to most terriers, is long and lean, with strong jaws.   The ears small and V shaped.


The Kerry is an excellent choice for a family pet.