Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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This little animal is smaller than the usual spaniel, being only about 15  lbs. in weight.  It is a descendant of an even smaller  breed of toy spaniel that was popular with royalty in the time Queen Elizabeth..


In temperament these little dogs are usually bold and fearless and make an excellent house and family dog.  It is a breed  known to be very good with children and in spite of itís small size can be an excellent playmate.


 Because of its small size, it is a very adaptable breed and can fit in a large or small home with limited garden space.


In color it is either black and tan or rich reddish brown with white markings.   An attractive, distinctive characteristic of the breed is the deep colored mark on the top of the head.


The coat, as with most spaniels, is long and silky, without being in any way curly. The ears are set high on the head, which is almost flat  between the ears. The ears are long and have an abundance of coat.


 The King Charles Spaniel  does require a certain amount of grooming in order  to maintain it smart appearance.


It is a breed that is well balanced with a short body in relation to its height and well-sprung ribs.  It is common to dock the tail, but when this is done the docking is not  pronounced.  The docked tail is not left as short as with some other small breeds.


This is a sturdy, very handsome, little breed.  Although it may give the impression of being somewhat delicate, it is in fact a hardy animal.


This very small spaniel, not more than 14 lbs. in weight, is a very sweet, good-natured animal that thrives on affection.

For this reason it is ideally suited for someone who has the time and inclination  to lavish attention on the dog.


In color it is black and tan, or deep brown with white markings, or white with black patches.   There is a broad white patch of white on the head,


The coat is long, straight and silky, not curly.  There is a great deal of hair on the ears and  on the long tail.


It does need a fair amount of grooming but because the little animal will appreciate this as a sign of affection it will revel in the attention.  Grooming should not present a problem for the loving owner.


A feature of the King Charles Spaniel is itís very large head in proportion to the small body.  The head is dome-shaped and the stop is clearly defined.   The eyes are also large, expressive and dark.


This small toy breed of dog does not require a great deal of exercise and for this reason is eminently suitable for a small home, or even an apartment, as long as there are facilities for an occasional walk in a small garden or on the leash in a nearby park.