Dog Obedience Training
by Dennis Fisher.


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Choosing the correct leash is very important, not only for the sake of your hands, but also to assist you in training your dog. 


The  thickness and length of the leash will depend to a large extent on the size of the dog you are training, but generally speaking it should be made of a good quality soft,  but very strong leather or webbing, at least half an inch wide.


Shop around at pet stores for a suitable leash, but if you are unable to find a leash that sits your requirements you can always order by mail.  Youíll find  a very wide  variety of leashes at very reasonable prices on the following site.  The service of the company is known to be first class,


Donít be tempted  to get a very thin leash, even if you have a small dog. There may be occasions when you have to pull quite hard and it is a very frustrating experience to find the leash break in your hands.  


Also  make sure that the leash has a loop at the end large enough for your t hand.  The company I have mentioned above specializes in dog leashes for training enthusiasts and all their leashes are made in this way.


Another important feature is the clip at the end of the leash.  It is essential to get a leash with a clip that is very easy to clip on and off.  In your more advanced training, when you will be required to slip the leach off the collar to allow the dog to heel off lead. It  is important to be able to do this without much fuss or bother.


A convenient length of lead is six feet.  This is a useful size even with a smaller dog/  The only time that you will perhaps needing a longer lead is if you are showing a German Shepherd Dog, where part of the judging process involves the dog running ahead of you.


Donít get a chain lead, even if you have a very large dog.  You can easily damage your hands. If  get a good quality leather lead, or a very strong webbing lead there is not much danger of it breaking even if you have a very strong animal.


Some beginners often get a chain lead in the belief that it will discourage the dog from biting the lead, but biting the lead is simply a matter of training the dog, which can be easily done.