Different breeds of dogs



by Dennis Fisher.


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 Although it is sometimes incorrectly called a “Maltese Poodle” or even a “Maltese Terrier” the dog has very little correction with either  poodles or terriers.


It is a very ancient breed and has a history of being a lap-dog that goes back almost 2000years.  It is believed to have been a favorite of Roman nobility so many years ago.


It is a very small breed of dog, no more than 10 inches high with a slightly  long, silky white coat.  In order for the dog to retain its  attractive appearance it is necessary to attend to the grooming regularly.


As a lap dog it is a very lovable, affectionate little animal and an ideal family pet.  Unlike some other small, snappy breeds it is also very good with children.


It  a very alert, lively little dog and if the coat is attended to regularly it is very attractive, with dark expressive eyes, short, strong little body and straight legs.


It does not require a great deal of exercise and is an ideal animal for a small home and even a small apartment.