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by Dennis Fisher.

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There are basically two forms of mange -  Demodectic manage and Sarcoptic Mange that are completely different.

Demodectic mange is not contagious.  It thought that it is a condition that pups get from the Dam within a few days after birth.  It is very unlikely for older animals to have demodectic mange.

Signs of demodectic mange  in a pup are small bad spots on the body, usually on the face, around the eyes, or the corners of the mouth.  They do not appear to be itchy and do not seem to trouble the pup. If  the small  bad spots  only appear on very small areas, there is  not much reason for concern. The condition usually improves after a time and no medication is necessary.

 However, if the condition is not localized and is spread over wide areas of the body then it will obviously be necessary to consult a Veterinarian, who can determine whether it is in fact demodectic mange by  examining  a skin scraping  under a microscope. 

 Effective medication is obtainable from the Veterinarian and treatment  is continued over a fairly lengthy period, depending on the severity of the case.

Over the counter medication from a pharmacy is rarely effective so it is wise to have the condition treated with the appropriate prescription medication.