Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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 This  huge breed of dog has been around for centuries as an excellent guard.  An attractive feature of the breed however, is the fact that it combines this admirable quality of being an excellent guard dog with a friendly, docile nature, affectionate with family members.


As a guard dog it is  a courageous animal, but it is an intelligent, discriminating breed of dog.


It has a massive, imposing head with powerful neck, strong jaws and muzzle dark,  black mask and smallish dark eyes.


The color is usually light or dark fawn and occasionally the fawn is mixed with brindle.


The coat is short and easy to manage and there is also a good undercoat which makes the animal suitable for most climates.


The entire impression of a Mastiff is one of strength and power, but even though it is  so large it is not clumsy.    Being a somewhat quiet dog it  does not require a great deal of exercise.  For this reason, although very large grounds would be preferable for a dog of this size, this is not absolutely essential.


If one has reasonably large grounds and the need for a reliable, protective watch dog of an imposing size that will discourage intruders, this dog is an excellent choice.  


The mastiffs  quiet, docile, unexcitable  nature  when there is not need for  it to be on guard,  are also desirable qualities.

The English Mastiff Breed

If a "top ten" list existed for guard dogs, the English Mastiff dog would definitely rank right up there in the top two or three. His appearance alone guarantees that anyone who stumbles across this dog thinks twice about coming near him.

The English Mastiff is a powerfully built canine with a body that can only be described as "massive." He enjoys the distinction as being "the heaviest dog in the world." In fact the mastiff probably gets his name from the Anglo-Saxon word for powerful "masty." The English Mastiff is descended from both the ancient breeds, the Alaunt as well as the Molosser and he is recognized as the oldest British breed of dog (and sometimes he acts as if he knows this!)

Not surprisingly this huge dog was used as early as the sixth century BC for various "fighting" purposes. He was indispensible in many of the blood sports that have become legendary, including bear-baiting, bull-baiting, lion-baiting (believe it or not!) as well as dog fighting.

English Mastiff breed is an incredible intermingling of grandeur, dignity and courage. He is perhaps to those who don't fully understand the breed, the ultimate paradox of dogs. Loyal, calm, affectionate and loving toward his family, he is a first-class guardian as well, ferocious, tenacious and fearless when the need arises. As stunning evidence of this, an English Mastiff instinctually positions himself between his owner and a stranger when an unknown person approaches the family's "territory."

Should the approaching stranger not give the dog his due, the Mastiff may take swift, immediate defensive action. And now you see why, he could be ranked up there with the top ten guard dogs of all time!

For all his fierceness, the English Mastiff is incredibly gentle with children.

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