Miniature Pincher


  This lively, intelligent little dog is of German origin.  Males are approximately 12 inches at shoulder.  Females a little smaller.


Because of its small size and itís friendly but  alert  nature, this little dog is a very good choice in the smaller home, or even in an apartment.   It does not need a great deal of space in which to  exercise and will be quite content to lie quietly at home for hours at a time.


The coat is smooth and straight, and does not require a great deal of grooming.  The color is black, fawn, a deeper shade of brown, or a reddish shade of brown. The feet have distinct black markings.


Ears are usually erect which lends an attractive expression to the face.   The head is long and the muzzle is strong.


The back is sturdy, straight and strong and the chest well developed.


Although friendly with  members of the family this brave little  animal, in spite of its small stature, is definitely not a lap dog. It does not need or insist upon regular fussing and petting.


Because of its alert nature and keen sense of hearing it is a very useful animal to have in the home to provide warning of any unusual situations.

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