The Newfoundland, immortalized by J.M Barrie in “Alice in Wonderland”,  certainly does have a special attachment for children and as such does make an ideal family dog.


As quiet, docile and friendly as this large dog is, he can still be trained to become a reliable guard and protector.


It is a very large, handsome, very heavy, but somewhat cumbersome animal.  Males are approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and can weight as much as 150lbs.


The dog has a very coat and it was originally bred to resist water.  As the name of the breed indicates, it is named after the Canadian island of Newfoundland and was bred from dogs that were happy to be in the water. 


A unique feature of the Newfoundland is that it has webbed feet.

The Newfoundland has been trained to rescue drowning people.


Because of the heavy coat this breed does require quite a bit of grooming, especially around the ears where the hair is inclined to matt.


The head of the Newfoundland is impressively  large but it is in proportion to its massive body.   The eyes however, are rather small in relation to the head.  They are dark brown and very expressive. The back is broad and the chest deep.


Although black is the color one usually associates with a Newfoundland, brown is also a common color.  A less common color is landseer which is white with black markings.


It is a very dignified looking animal with a quiet, dignified presence.  If one is prepared to carry out the task of attending to the necessary regular, grooming it is a wonderful dog to have in the home and an animal that the children will adore.

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