Different breeds of dogs.


by Dennis Fishe



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 The name “Papillon” is  French for butterfly and this dog, which originated in Europe, owes it’s name to it unusually large, erect  ears  shaped like butterfly wings.


This  is a very attractive, lively,  intelligent  toy breed and this accounts for the  popularity it enjoyed in Europe for a long time.   It was once the favorite of nobility.


In color it is white with patches of black or shades of brown.  There are also some specimens that are tricolor with black and white markings and brown markings over the eyes.  The coat is long and silky with a great deal of extra length on the chest.


This toy breed, that is only about 11 inches in height, is a gentle, affectionate, lively animal and because of  it’s tiny size one that will fit in easily in any home.


The head is round and fairly broad  and the muzzle, as contrasted to the breadth of the head, is somewhat pointed.


Small toy breeds like the Papillion, when well cared for, live to a ripe old age and the  love and attention you are prepared to lavish on this delightful little animal will be repaid many, times over the years.