Different breedsof dogs

by Dennis Fisher.


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This toy breed, only about 4 to 5  lbs. in weight, originated from Germany and was named after the province in Prussia called Pomerania.


It is a very intelligent little dog that makes  a delightful pet and because of its small size  is ideally suited for a small apartment.


It has a heavy coat, that is soft and fluffy and it is particularly heavy around the neck.  Very much in  the same manner  as the Pekingese,  this gives the appearance of a mane.


The hair around itís hindquarters is  also profuse. The tail, which is long and flat, is covered with a lot of hair that is spread in fan shaped. 


Some owners of Pomeranians find that the heavily coated hindquarters and the feathering on the tail, although attractive, does present  something of a problem in grooming.  They find it rather difficult at times to keep the animal absolutely clean.


They find that the small  animal unfortunately sometimes soils itself.  This results in far more regular and careful grooming and cleaning than would be the case with other breed with less hair on its hindquarters.


Despite its small stature is a sturdy little animal and it does not require a great deal of exercise to be kept healthy and in trim.


The Pomeranian is a loyal, lovable and faithful companion.  It is very alert to every sound and will act as a very watchdog.  But it does have a tendency to become unnecessarily noisy at times. This  can be controlled with gentle but firm correction.


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