Breeding German Shepherds and other breeds of dogs.

by Dennis Fisher.

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Question:  What is the best way to feed a pregnant bitch?

 Answer:   The bitch should be fed with good quality food from the moment that she has been mated, but this does not mean that she should be over-fed, especially food that is high in bulk but not of great nutritive value.

The ideal diet for a bitch in whelp is a plentiful supply of meat, raw and fresh, also eggs, and calcium/phosphorous supplement.

Quality rather than quality should be the guiding principle.

for the first weeks the bitch's appetite will probably be normal, although she may be fuss with her food,  After four-five weeks the bitch's  appetite will probably increase and it is a good idea to supplement her diet with a good quality vitamin supplement.

Milk can be given in between meals, and an egg can be mixed in the milk meal.

Although it is important to feed her with good quality food, make sure that she does not become too fat.