All about German Shepherd Dogs.
by Dennis Fisher.

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Question.   Ears of German Shepherd Dog pups - at what do they become erect?

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Question.  At what age can I expect my 4 months old German Shepherd pup's ears to come up?

Answer:  It is common for the ears of German Shepherd pups to come when the pup has completed teething and the second teeth are coming through.  Sometimes this can be as late as six months. sometimes even later.   When the pups are very heavily boned and large it is quite usual for there to be a delay in the ears coming up.

There is probably not much need to be concerned if your pup is only four months, but it is quite common  for breeders of show quality animals to start seriously considering helping the pup's ears if they are not up by 41/2 to 5 months.   The help the ears come up by means of taping.  This is quite an involved process but you will find quite a lot of literature on the subject in books about the German Shepherd Dog breed.