Question about  eggs and whether they are suitable food for dogs.

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Question.  I read in a dog magazine once that only the egg yolk should be fed to a dog and that the white of an egg is bad for a dog.  Is this true?

Answer:   There is some  substance to this theory because the white of an egg contains a substance called "Avidin" which is a  substance that destroys one of the B Vitamins, biotin.  However it has never been established how much  egg white it would be necessary to have in order to have harmful effects..  It might be a very large  number of eggs, given every day. 

 There are many breeder who use eggs regularly in feeding their dogs, both the yolk and the white of the egg.  They have not reported any harmful effects . On  the contrary they maintain eggs given in moderation are  excellent for the dog's health.

To be on the safe side it would be wise to feed a reasonable amounts of eggs.