All about German Shepherd Dogs.

by Dennis Fisher.


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Question about dog's front legs not being straight.

 Question:  My pup is just sixteen weeks and growing very quickly.  He has very good bone and looks as if he is going to be a very biog dog.  But I notice that his front legs do not seem to be straight.  Should I feed him calcium tablets as my friend suggests, or cod liver oil as another friend suggests?

Answer:  Your pup might be developing a tendency towards rickets - this is unlikely but it just may be possible.   Although rickets is regarded as a dietary deficiency sometimes there appears to an inability  .on the part of an animal that is growing rapidly from three to five months. to absorb the calcium that is present in most foods.

Do not feed Calcium pills without first consulting your Vet.  Also there are far better dietary supplements than cod liver oil which was a very old-fashioned remedy.  Very often the cold liver oil is not as fresh as it should be and there could be harmful effects..

If your Vet does feel your pup is not absorbing sufficient calcium with his normal diet he may recommend  supplements or possibly even injections.