Question about  the best way to give a dog medicine.

by Dennis Fisher.

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Question:  I seem to have the greatest difficulty giving my dogs medicine, particularly pills.  Is there any easy way you can suggest?

Answer:  Giving a dog pills or medicine for that matter is not difficult as long as you go about it the the right way.  The first thing to remember is not excite the animal unnecessarily.  Act in a quite and calm, matter of fact manner and then proceed in the following way.

Place your left hand over the top of his muzzle and open his mouth by slipping your left  thumb around the upper jaw, just behind the tow large  front canine teeth. .  Having opened the dog's mouth, gently life his head, being careful not make the animal unduly anxious.  With his mouth now open, drop the pills deep in his throat.  You can if you wish make sure that the pills are swallowed by using  the fingers of your right hand - or your  right thumb - to gently push the [pills right back behind his tongue.

To give a dog medicine is even easier.  There is no need to open his mouth at all. On his lower jaw you will find that there is loose skin that can be fold to form a sort of pouch..  Raise the dog's head and then pour  the required amount of liquid medicine into this pouch.  The dog will have no option but to swallow the liquid.   An even easier method is to put the liquid in a plastic, small syringe and squirt the required dosage  gently into the pouch.