Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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This is a large breed of dog, as much as 27 inches at the shoulder and weighing about 80 lbs.


 A distinctive feature of this breed, that originated in the Country that what was once called Rhodesia but is now known as Zimbabwe, is its very distinctive ridge of coarse hair running along the back.


The Ridgeback was known as a the “Lion dog”, not because it was bred to attack a huge animal like a lion, but because it was trained to track a lion in a pack; circle the lion at a distance and keep the lion at bay until the hunters arrived.


In color the Ridgeback is usually fawn with an occasional small patch of white on the chest. The coat is short and does not require a great deal of grooming.


The Ridgeback is an excellent family dog, self-assured, friendly, affectionate and  good with children.  It can also be a very good guard dog.   It is also an intelligent, responsive animal that responds well  to training.


In spite of its size and muscular strength, it  gets on well with other dogs and is not a fighter, unless provoked.


It must be noted that even though most Ridgebacks are brave and confident this is not always the case.  Temperaments do vary. I have had Ridgebacks in my training classes that were self-assured and confidenet, however there were others that were somewhat timid.


As with any breed, in spite of the reputation it might have, it is wise to view the parents before deciding on the choice of a pup. If the parents have good sound temperaments, there is every chance that the pup will inherit these qualities.


 The Ridgeback is a powerful, muscular animal with fair long head,  strong muzzle and deep chest. The eyes are usually dark, but there is sometimes a tendency towards a slighter lighter eye. The ears, of medium size, and hang close to the head.


Because the Ridgeback was bred as a hunting dog it is advisable that the animal be allowed adequate exercise.  But if you have a fairly large garden and take the dogs regularly for long walks this can suffice.


For those who require a good-natured dog, excellent with the family and children, that is also a reliable, sensible watchdog, and  a dog not commonly seen in every home,  the Ridgeback is an excellent choice.