Different breeds of dogs.


by Dennis Fisher.


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This ancient breed is regarded as the oldest breed of domesticated dog in the world.   It is believed to have originated as a hunting dog in Syria.


It was introduced into Europe by the Crusaders  in the period from 1100 to 1300 A.D.


The Saluki is one of the most graceful of animals in movement and not surprisingly is known as the Gazelle hound.  It moves with tremendous speed combined with great harmony and grace.


It is a large, lean animal, approximately 28 inches at the shoulder. The coat is smooth, soft and silky with longer feathering around the thighs.


Because of the smooth, short coat, grooming is not a problem.


In temperament the Saluki is inclined to rather aloof with strangers, very much the same as the Afghan.   As a young dog growing up in tends to be very sensitive and needs careful handling to develop its self-confidence.   With the family it is an affectionate, faithful companion.


A feature about the Saluki is that it has absolutely no customary doggy odor.


Another distinctive feature of the Saluki that  keen gardeners will not find as  appealing,  is the tendency to dog to dig a  great  deal in the garden.  This will happen if the animal  is left alone for long periods.  But this is something that can be corrected with training.


The head of the Saluki is long and narrow.  The eyes are dark and expressive.  The ears particularly long and covered with silky hair.


The back is broad and strong and the hind-quarters well-muscled and powerful as would be expected with an animal that moves with such grace.


If one has the time and patience necessary to train this uncommon breed and  develop its self-confidence, it can become a delightful family dog.