Different breeds of dogs.


by Dennis Fisher.


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The name  “Samoyed” has a very interesting origin.   The particular dog known by this name originated in Siberia.  The fishermen and hunters who lived there were known as “Samoyeds”  and they used a large white dog to pull their sleds.


When English explorers returned from Siberia they brought some of these dogs back with them and the name “Samoyed” was given to them.  They became a very popular breed.


The modern Samoyed is only about 22 inches in height, but powerfully built, as would be expected with a dog that originally bred to pull sleds.   It has a beautiful, heavy coat, which is understandable considering its origins in Siberia.  The color of the coat is usually white, but sometimes cream or biscuit colored.


This a gentle, friendly, well-behaved breed of dog and is very good indeed with children.  But it is not regarded as a particularly good watchdog.


A feature of the dog is that it tends to be very noisy indeed and barks a great deal.  Training is necessary but although the breed is very intelligent it does not seem to respond well to formal training.  A great deal of patience and perseverance is necessary to correct the irritating barking but it can be achieved with persistent correction.


Because of the heavy coat the Samoyed does require regular brushing.


The Samoyed has a powerful head with a broad, flat skull.

Eyes are dark and  almond shaped, making a very attractive contrast with the white coat.


The body is  very powerful and the animal is capable of great endurance.


If you are  prepared to tackle the task of attending to the grooming of the heavy coat regularly;  and you  also have the time and patience to give the Samoyed the attention and exercise it needs, you will be amply rewarded by having a very affectionate, loyal companion.