Different breeds of dogs



by Dennis Fisher.


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The background to the Schipperke is similar to that of the Keeshond in that it has its origins as a barge dog in Holland and Belgium.


If,  because of limited garden space, you need a  small, lively, intelligent dog , an excellent choice is the Schipperke.  Even though it is very lively and energetic it does not require a great deal of exercise.   But the Schipperke is certainly no lap dog.


In spite of its small size Ėonly about 16 lbs. in weight - the Schipperke is very sturdily built.  It is a very bold, extremely alert animal with a very good temperament.  It can be an excellent, wide-awake watchdog.


Although it is an independent type of dog it responds well to training.   In fact, I have personally watched an advanced obedience competition in which this  small lively animal  competed so well  with  large, better known, working dog breeds it was very highly placed in the final results.


The two most common colors are black or golden.  However, the little dog we owned when our children were young was wheaten. It was happy, lovable animal and a wonderful playmate for the children.  They were heartbroken when it ran out of our enclosed  grounds and was run over by a passing car.


 The coat in some strains is somewhat heavy and does require brushing.  Other strains within the breed however have shorter, more easily manageable coats.


Because of its lively nature it does requires a certain amount of exercise but even romping with the children in  a small garden, or regular walks on leash are enough to keep this delightful, somewhat  mischievous animal happy  in excellent condition.


It is brave little animal and understandably because of itís background as a barge dog it can be a splendid watchdog. It is also capable of hunting vermin very efficiently.


The back is straight, the ears erect and the oval eyes full of mischievous expression.


For a family with lively children this breed is an excellent choice.