Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.



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This small breed of dog, weighing about 20lbs and approximately 10 inches at shoulder, is  very sturdy, quite heavily built and muscular.


In color it is usually black but it is also available in wheaten or brindle.  The coat is short and rather wiry and does require a fair amount of attention. In order for the animal to look spruce, neat and smart it will be necessary to have the coat stripped occasionally.


Now officially  known as the “Scottish Terrier” it was once called the “Aberdeen Terrier” but this  name was changed in the late 1880’s.


In temperament it has a happy outgoing nature, but the breed is also known for being somewhat stubborn.   Firm handling with this breed is therefore necessary.  When commands are given the owner should insist that they be carried out.  Once the “Scottie” feels that he can get away with ignoring a command he will continue to do so.


The head is long but in proportion to the rest of the body.  The ears are small and erect and give the dog a very perky expression.  The eyes are set rather deeply under very bushy eyebrows.  The hindquarters are strong and muscular.


Apart from the fact that the Scotch Terrier does require slightly firmer handling than some other small breeds and the coat does require a fair amount of attention, it is a very suitable family dog and is  very good with children.