Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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This small terrier originated in  an estate called Sealyham, in Pembrokeshire, Wales and was first bred in the middle 1800ís.


In spite of its small size, approximately 10 inches tall and weighing 20 lbs, it is a very sturdy dog and was used to pull animals such as foxes and otters out of burrows.


Because of the purpose for which it was bred,  it has powerful jaws and a blunt, strong muzzle.  Itís coat is mainly white with brown or lemon colored  patches.   The coat is hard, wiry, fairly long and the undercoat is dense.


Because of its heavy coat the Sealyham does require quite  a fair amount of grooming and also trimming a few times a year.


The Sealyham has a strong body of medium length, deep chest, level back and powerful hindquarters.


In common with many terriers, the Sealyham  does have a tendency to be obstinate and for this reason firm handling is necessary from puppyhood.   But once the animal realizes it will not be allowed to get away with disobedience it can turn out to be a loyal, friendly and lovably pet.