Breeding German Shepherd Dogs.

by Dennis Fisher.

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Signs of pregnancy in your bitch.

There is usually  much sign of  the bitch being definitely in whelp until five weeks after mating, and it can sometimes be quite a bit longer. But in some cases it can be as early as the third week.

There is an enlargement of the abdomen and a slight filling out of the flanks. Signs will depend on the size of the litter.  If the litter is going to be small the selling might not be noticeable until the 5th or sixth week, but in large litters it can be seen by the fourth week.

During the last week of pregnancy there are defini9te signs as the uterus drops into the abdominal cavity.

There is usually a change in the bitch's behavior.  The bitch becomes quieter.  There is also a marked increase in appetite and towards the end of the  pregnancy the bitch is extremely hungry.

There is usually a definite enlargement of the teats in the sixth week.

During the last week of pregnancy there are definite signs of movement of the pups.