Breeding German Shepherd Dogs and also other breeds.

by Dennis Fisher.

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When the bitch is ready to be mated she will show this in a very clear manner.  She will stand rigidly with her tail stretched to the side and sometimes play the part of a dog and mount another bitch.  This stage last about three or four days, but this time can vary. 

Thee are sometimes wide discrepancies in the times that a bitch will allow herself to be mated. Perhaps it may be for three  or four day; sometimes less or more.  There have been cases  when the bitch has been mated as early as the fourth day of her season and in some instances as late as  twenty days after mating ,  In both cases successful litters were produced.

The general rule of thumb is  that mating should take place when the red discharge has almost ended; but this is not an infallible rule.  It is probably best to rely on the behavior of the bitch and her indications that she is ready.