Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher


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This is a breed that has become extremely popular in recent years and with very good reason.  Although relatively small -  only about 16 inches in height and weighing  about  35 lbs.,-   it is very powerfully built animal.


It is a lovable, playful breed that craves human companionship and is a wonderful companion for children.


Although friendly towards strangers it can be trained to be protective, even though this is not a feature for which it has been bred.


Because of  the “Staffie”, as it is affectionately known, is  conveniently small size, and short coat, it is an easy dog  to have in the home.  It  does not need a great deal of space for exercise  but as with most dogs walking every day on leash is advisable.


Specific mention is made of walking on the leash because it is dog that is inclined to be aggressive towards other dogs.   This is understandable because it was originally bred to be a fighting dog.


It is not the easiest dog to train, because it is rather an obstinate, self-willed animal, but with  firm, gentle handling it can prove to be wonderful house dog and companion for the children.


In color the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is light brown, black or brindle.   The coat is short, smooth and is very easy to keep in good condition, bright and shiny with very little brushing.


The name Staffordshire is an indication of its origins because this was area in England where bull-baiting was popular.  The breed was specifically bred to take part in this brutal sport.


Because of it’s relatively small size and powerful build it is very active and agile and enjoys whatever games it can participate in.  For this reason it can prove to be a wonderful companion for children.


The head is broad and very powerful jaws.   The eyes are usually  round and dark, but occasionally, depending on the color of the coat, may be a little lighter.   The neck, as one would expect with a dog bred for the purpose for which was intended, is very  strong.  The back  is firm and straight.


 The hind quarters, though strong, are fairly  light in relation to the rest of the body, which is to be expected because it  is a breed that owes a lot to the influence of its Bulldog background.


Altogether a delightful little animal, not particularly handsome in appearance,  but one that has so many fine qualities it  will prove to be an excellent family dog.