Dog sicknesses


by Dennis Fisher

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Vomiting is something that dogs can do very easily and naturally.  In fact it is so natural to the dog, that a bitch with pups will often vomit food when  she feels the pups need her  half-eaten food.  This starts the process of weaning.

For this reason, there is often no need for concern when one sees a dog vomit.  It frequently happens after it has eaten unsuitable food. In many cases a dog eats grass which stimulates the vomiting process and shows no obvious signs of distress afterwards,

Vomiting in pups is also a natural process and is usually caused by over-eating.  Occasionally however, the vomiting may due to the presence of round worms .  Sometimes these worms are seen in the vomit.

It is important to be aware of vomiting and watch the dog closely. Usually there is no cause for alarm, but if the animal is listless and a few hours later refuses its normal meal,  this is a sign that everything is not completely normal. A further danger signal is when the dog becomes extremely thirsty, drinks water but vomits it immediately afterwards.  This could signal a wide range of  problems that need attention.

A cause of vomiting could be some form of blockage as a result of having swallowed a foreign object – perhaps a plastic bag in which there has been meat.

Obviously it is not possible to watch the dog at all times during the day, but if you are aware of the dog’s normal behavior and temperament, you will be able to recognize symptoms that are out of the ordinary and suggest danger signals.   As in every instance where you suspect something serious may be the matter, it is best to seek qualified Veterinary opinion.