Different breeds of dogs.



by Dennis Fisher.


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This medium-sized, very athletic dog only 18 inches in height and weighing about 20 lbs. -  is a very intelligent, affectionate  animal that thrives on love and attention.  


It is also a very obedient animal and responds very easily  to training. In  advanced obedience competitions I have seen Whippets compete very favorably with  the more popular working breeds.


The breed developed from a combination of the Italian Greyhound and the terrier and  looks very much like a miniature greyhound.


There are a wider variety of colors ranging from black, fawn, reddish brown, white or brindle. The coat is short and smooth and so very little grooming is requires.


It is muscular, beautifully balanced animal that can  move with grace and power at  great speeds.   The neck is both powerful  and graceful, long and arched and the head long and lean.

A feature of the backline is that it is not straight.  There is a marked roach over the loins and croup area.


The hindquarters, as would be expected with an animal that has been bred for speed, are strong, broad, well-muscled and powerful.   The eyes are somewhat small and very alert.


Although it may give the impression of being somewhat frail, the Whippet is a sturdy animal. There is a tendency  for this breed to be a little shy and timid with rough treatment,  but with careful handling this can be overcome and the animal can develop self-confidence and self-assurance.


When trained and handled with a great deal of love and patience, the Whippet will prove to be delightful, friendly, lovable family pet.